At Olivia Jewelry, we inspire and connect through our carefully crafted pieces, each accompanied by a heartfelt message card. Our jewelry is a symbol of love, joy and the stories that define us.


My daughters love these rings - it's so beautiful! It's intricate, stunning, and just such a great piece. It's not crazy big so it doesn't get stuck on things or slide around and get pinched between the fingers. Love the thank you card and authenticity card that comes with it too!

Veronica B.
Los Angeles, CA

I was lucky enough to come across an ad for Olivia Jewelry. When I browsed through the items this ring spoke to me. The design, the wording and I knew I had to purchase. As a daughter who recently lost my mother this ring makes me think of her and our ever lasting deep connection, even in her after life. Quality product. Thank you!

Kayla S.

I got this ring for my daughter. I gave it to her today because she was having a mental breakdown. She absolutely loves the ring and the meaning behind the ring. Thank you for the perfect gift!

Krista H.
San Diago, CA

My daughter recently went through a scary health problem and has had a lot of anxiety since. I came across this ring and thought it was perfect her. It arrived today and she loved it! She said it is so dainty and perfect, meaningful and not big. So happy I got it for her! THANK YOU

Bianca R.
New York City, NY

Beautiful message with an even more beautiful ring! Just arrived today, I got 3, one for me and two for my daughters. The message is so cute and meaningful. Thank you Olivia Jewelry! 100% recommend.

Mel W.
Dallas, TX